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Don’t you wish you had…?

Don’t you wish you knew exactly what was required to transform your ordinary into the extraordinary? We know the secret- and it all starts with how you care for yourself.  Quality beauty products can lend a hand in giving women a glowing confidence. A drop of lip stain can transform a drab day into a glamorous one; a colorless day can become bright with blue eye liner.  Simple beauty products can brighten the confidence and attitude of any women.  



We take pride in providing our clients with outstanding quality throughout every part of the consumer process. By investing in state of the art technology for creating and testing our products, Aurora cosmetics can ensure the quality of each of our beauty products.   Aurora offers you the peace of mind of a luxury product at a fraction of the cost.  Our goal is to provide our clients with an exceptional product at the highest level of quality and precision available for the beauty industry. 



We love this beautiful planet and we’re doing our part to preserve it’s beauty.  Aurora Cosmetics takes an environmentally cautious approach to all aspects of our business. We work hard to provide sustainable materials and non-threatening ingredients for all our products: -All of our products can be recycled, as they are made from Polypropylene (PP) -The luxury ink formulas in all of our eyeliner pens only contain food colorants, which means the ink is toxin-free, nickel-free and safe on sensitive and easily irritated skins. 



The standard double cap found on our eyeliner pens ensures our products are air tight.  Each pen is guaranteed to have a six-month shelf life. Once the air-tight seal is broken the product still has a twelve month freshness. 



The entire process of our cosmetic’s production is carefully monitored and tested by professionals. We systematically test the ink in each production phase as well as a final testing upon the product’s completion. A sample of each batch is then sent off to a scientific lab for microbiological testing who certifies through their testing that our products do not contain any microbiological imperfection. When all of the testing is complete, we receive a written report of the micro logical cleanliness of the products. 


We guarantee satisfaction with our products. You will be receiving the luxury experience through our reliable customer service and quality care- you won’t be paying for expensive advertising budgets, just extraordinary products.

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